The Podcast: Episode 1


It’s a momentous day on the internets! We’ve come to invade your device. Are you ready? We hope so!

We’ll be bringing you Life with Kate and Matt: The Podcast to ease your daily suffering with some laughter and general ridiculousness. You can listen to us in your browser directly from this page or in our very own popup player. You can also download our podcast right from this page by right clicking and choosing to save the file. The easiest way to automatically get our episodes is to set up iTunes to get them for you. It really is the most American thing to; set it and forget it!

Here are the steps:
1) Open iTunes
2) Open the ‘File’ Menu
3) Click on ‘Subscribe to Podcast’
4) Enter
5) Click OK
You’re ready to go!

Enjoy Life with Kate and Matt: The Podcast Episode 1.

Life with Kate and Matt: The Podcast

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