On Veterans Day


We wanted to take a time on Veterans Day to thank everyone who has served our country with the military.

Thanks in particular to Wayne Burdett for serving in the US Navy and Jerry Erhard for serving in the US Air Force. Thanks, dad!

Thanks Dad from Life with Kate and Matt

In other news, ICYMI earlier today, Kate Burdett has an interesting way to describe the effect of Taylor Swift on the human brain. Listen and enjoy this snippet of Life with Kate and Matt: The Podcast Episode 2.

Finally, it now has gotten super easy for you to get us in your apple device! We’re now listed within the podcast on iTunes. Search for “Life with Kate and Matt” in the iTunes Store to subscribe to our podcast. If you’re using an iPhone or iPad you can search for “Life with Kate and Matt” in your Podcast app and subscribe right on your device. Isn’t that easy?

For any other podcasting app, point it towards our podcast feed: http://skamwithak.com/feed/podcast

Carry on.

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