Alex, We Still Need You


Seriously. Where is Alex from Target? Can we somehow clone him so he can make his promotional appearances and still get his work done? Look at this mess. Stop taking selfies and get your skinny ass back to work!

Alex from Target We Still Need You

If you missed today’s episode of Life with Kate and Matt: The Podcast, you missed Kate serenading you with her sultry voice. She’s basically an impersonator of the Queen Bey herself.

There’s another all-new episode of our Podcast tomorrow morning. Prepare yourself.

The Podcast: Episode 3


Well, we’re over the hump and sailing towards the weekend. The cold weather cometh and winter will be in full swing before you know it. Today we discuss one of winter’s most anticipated films: 50 Shades of Grey. Kate has a vocabulary lesson, We adorn Michael Strahan with a new nickname and then you’ll never believe the purchase that Kate wants to make. Enjoy our ridiculousness in Life with Kate and Matt: The Podcast.

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