Throwback Thursday: Brrrrrr Edition


#TBT to that time where Kate and Matt vacationed to fabulous Lake Tahoe. Kate’s sporting a sensible full zip fleece, perfect for a drive to In-N-Out Burger, or late night casino-hopping. Matt’s wearing a fashionable nordic hat, available in the ladies accessories department of your nearest Sears.

Kate and Matt in Tahoe

If this fun ever ends, Kate has some ideas about what to do at her funeral. Check out what Kate wants done with her body (hint: it’s not a donation to science) in this clip from today’s episode of Life with Kate and Matt: The Podcast.

The Podcast: Episode 4


In today’s episode we answer that age old question: what does it sound like when a chicken sneezes? We dig deep into the world of TLC reality shows and discuss some of the more bizarre titles. Kate plans her funeral and you’ll never believe the contents of the signature cocktail at Matt’s funeral. You’ll have so many new shows to DVR you won’t even notice the polar vortex this weekend.

Life with Kate and Matt: The Podcast

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