The Winnebago Man (NSFW)


In today’s episode of Life with Kate and Matt: The Podcast we mentioned the infamous Winnebago Man. If you’ve never seen footage of this guy, you’re in for a treat. Here’s a reel of outtakes from a Winnebago sales video. Jack Rebney is having the worst day ever, and his pain will make you laugh until you cry. Now, this is definitely NSFW, and the language is slightly more vulgar than Pulp Fiction, but it is absolutely hysterical.

If you missed today’s podcast, Kate told us all about her parallel universe self. This Kate would get up and exercise before heading into work in morning radio. This isn’t a Kate any of us recognize. Check out the full version of today’s podcast for more hilarity!

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The Podcast: Episode 5


We’re back at it for another fun-filled week of nonsense here with Life with Kate and Matt: The Podcast. Control your burstings.

I know it’s almost impossible to believe, but Kate Burdett and I have experienced embarrassment once or twice over the years. Today Kate shares a song from her days in the theater; how exactly is one supposed to sound fatter? Also, how do you respond when someone in a wheelchair caches you using the accessible restroom? Matt gives you one thing NOT to say. Finally, you absolutely have to hear Kate’s plans to protect her data from identity theft. She certainly has a unique idea for making sure her data stays safe.

Stay warm, stay safe, buy a hat and hold the hell on to it.

Life with Kate and Matt: The Podcast