Good Morning, Good Morning


Good morning, good morning everybody, in the news this morning good morning!

If you missed today’s podcast, shame on you! Matt had a rant proper about Ann Curry. Remember her?

I think watching that video all the way through might make you crazy. On the other hand, if you’re already crazy this video could potentially turn you sane. I just can’t take it anymore.


No More 1

Tomorrow morning? Matt yells at people for going to a restaurant that shall remain nameless, unless you listen.


The Podcast: Episode 6


It’s a big Tuesday here on the Life with Kate and Matt show. Nick Jonas is super hot right now; he’s got it and he’s flaunting it. Kate’s got her cougar on, so Matt’s going to make her feel old. We talk surprising crushes as Kate reveals her (possibly) surprising girl crushes. There’s a live version of Peter Pan coming to NBC and (we think) we know who’s going to star in the show. Also, Matt flips out and goes off on that one person for whom he has no sympathy: Ann Curry.

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