It’s Thanksgiving Week


Hello there Life with Kate and Matt Nation, how the heck are ya? It’s been a wacky weekend- Saturday started with freezing rain, and today I think I might have caught someone running shirtless through the short north. It wasn’t me. Or Kate. I think it wasn’t Kate. I hope it wasn’t Kate. Anyway- we have another week of all new episodes to get you through the stress of Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Don’t miss Tuesday when we will visit with the incomparable Virginia West. She’s preparing to answer your tough holiday questions in a little segment we call What Would Virginia Do?

Tomorrow morning, we’ll start you out with some knowledge and debunk some myths for you. We’re here for you- and we want you to be able to stick your intelligence in the face of your smart ass, good-for-nothing, jabba-the-hut-looking brother-in-law. What a jerk. Hey bub, thanks for eating all the jellied cranberry sauce, it’s not even real anyway.

Good thing I’m in a good mood or else I would have really been nasty.

Happy Thanksgiving Week, kids!

Happy Thanksgiving from Life with Kate and Matt


Here’s a taste of tomorrow morning’s podcast. Enjoy!

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