The Podcast: Episode 9


OK kids- it’s a short week for many of you, but it’s a normal week for people like us. You know, people who work 20 minutes a day, 4 days a week. That’s us! Life with Kate and Matt will be here all week for your pleasure!

So, let’s see. We’re guessing that you’re already booked up the second half of your week with eating, drinking, shopping, drinking, and sleeping. You should throw yourself a curveball boomerang and start your week with some learnin’. Today, we educate you. We’ve got serious knowledge to impress your family and make your in-laws feel inferior. How does water swirl in southern hemisphere toilets? Will your sizable cocktail keep you warm on a cold winter’s night? Is Normcore actually a LLC founded by TV’s George Wendt? The answers to those questions and others you never had, come your way in an educational Monday edition of Life with Kate and Matt: The Podcast.

Life with Kate and Matt: The Podcast

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