Movember Week 3 Update


If you’ve been following along, by now you realize that Kate is outdoing Matt in the facial hair department. Actually, Kate is superior at growing hair in every department. After three full weeks of facial hair, she continues to shame Matt’s scraggly attempt at a beard. Check it out:

Movember Week 3 Update

Don’t forget we’ll have another all new Life with Kate and Matt Podcast to enjoy whilst you stuff a turkey or when you break out the booze before noon. The biggest reason to download the podcast tomorrow: huge nipples. We’ll also give you retro dating advice and explore some of the jerks you’ll run into while dating online. Have you ever been catfished? We’ll talk about that too:

Have a boozy Thanksgiving Eve!



The Podcast: Episode 11


We’ve now surpassed even our own expectations and completed 10 podcasts. How did that even happen- what with all of our carousing and the well we n’er do.

If you’ve been listening to the Life with Kate and Matt podcast for a while, you may have noticed a couple of recurring themes: one is that Matt loves to shop at Costco and the other is that Kate rarely goes out into public in a presentable manner.

If you have noticed and dare we say enjoyed those topics of discussion, then this podcast is sure to delight you beyond your wildest hopes and dreams.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Life with Kate and Matt: The Podcast

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