Movember Final Growth


Well, one month of hair growth and we finally have a winner. Guess who?

Movember Week 4 Final

What’s Kate’s secret? I guess some things are between a woman and her extensive team of stylists. Well, there’s always next year. Come to think of it,┬ámaybe Matt can make it a fair fight by starting next year’s beard now.

Check us out tomorrow morning, when we give you the details on what could be this year’s hottest new toy, or is it just a Rachel Dratch doll? Also, we talk about celebrities who are rumored to be stinky. On that note, what’s your limit on wallowing in your own smell?

We’ll talk to you tomorrow morning on an all new Life with Kate and Matt podcast.


The Podcast: Episode 13


Oh, Al Roker. What have you done now??? Apparently America’s favorite weatherman has gotten himself into some hot water with the big bosses. We offer him some alternative career ideas in case things don’t work out at 30 Rock. Perhaps Big Al could be a People Pusher or a Smell Creator next!

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