Texts with Kate and Matt: This Show Is Amazing


It’s a Texts with Kate and Matt Tuesday. Here’s what happens when we watch TV together… separately… over text message.

TWKAM This Show is Amazing


The old bag survived the TV show, which was fortunate for her and very unfortunate for those of us wanting a car. Tomorrow on The Podcast we talk aboutĀ terrible PR disasters, along with our terrible techie mistakes. Here’s a snippet of our next show, where you’ll find out Kate’s childhood dream job. Was it court stenographer? Encyclopedia salesperson? Doorman… doorwoman.. door-person?? Listen in and find out.

The Podcast: Episode 14


She’s short, brunette, and average. It’s the anti-Barbie doll and have we got ideas to make this merchandising deal last forever! Also, which celebs stink? You might be surprised. And we discuss basic hygiene habits: what’s the hand-washing song and floater etiquette.

Life with Kate and Matt: The Podcast

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