Is Your Christmas Shopping Done?


I hope it was a productive weekend for you. Though, I really don’t know how productive anyone can be when there are ZERO parking spots at the grocery store and some granny from Obetz has parked her Jazzy right in front of the egg nog. How rude! The holiday season is in full swing. There’s been drinking, eating, shopping, drinking, gift wrapping, card writing, and did I mention drinking? Are you done with your Christmas shopping? We are done… shopping for ourselves at least. Check out this great gift idea:

Is Your Christmas Shopping Done?

64. Ounce. Flask. Wow.
We have Flask-zilla at the ready and we’ve got another week of new podcasts just for you. Check out this sneak peek at tomorrow’s episode. You’ll never believe it, but Kate has ANOTHER money-making idea. They say crime doesn’t pay, but what about fake crime? We hope one of these money-making ideas pays off, we’e got more gifts to buy for ourselves!

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