Texts with Kate and Matt: The WHAT?


It’s time for another edition of Texts with Kate and Matt! We don’t just criticize people, sometimes we talk about serious news shows too. Of course, we relate those shows to things that are completely inappropriate. That’s what we do. You’re welcome.

TWKAM The Spectrum


Check out this glimpse of tomorrow’s Life with Kate and Matt: The Podcast. We hear a holiday greeting and we hear about Kate’s past experiences shopping on Thanksgiving weekend in New York City. One word: hellmouth. We also get down to the real reason for the season: setting up your parents’ new technology. Serenity now!



The Podcast: Episode 18


Oh, Kardashians! You never disappoint. Apparently their latest business venture involves grown-up onesies. And why wouldn’t it? We somehow relate this to people being lost in Macy’s and a 5 lb. bag of quinoa.


Life with Kate and Matt: The Podcast

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