You Been Goin’ Through My Files?


We just can’t stop laughing about Ed Asner pistol whipping Jack Lemmon in JFK.

You Been Goin Through My Files

If you’re already as drunk as Ed Asner plays in this clip you must be doing something right.


In other news, you’ve got to check out tomorrow’s podcast. A silly, old-timey word quiz? Well, that would be just glorious. Also, Facebook’s “People You May Know” feature has been stalking you, and you’ll never believe how they find out all that info about you. Well, maybe you will believe it- who knows. Check out this early listen to tomorrow’s podcast.

The Podcast: Episode 23


Welcome to Conspiracy Theory Day on the Life with Kate and Matt podcast!

Famous 9/11 truthers? Check.

Old folks promoting outdated tech? Yep.

Elderly celebrities pistol-whipping one another? We’ve got that too!

Plus celebrity encounters Matt’s rage against the nitwits. Good stuff abounds today! You’re living Life with Kate and Matt. God Bless ‘murica!

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