Texts with Kate and Matt- Are You Back?


Is everyone back home and ready to get back to normal yet?

If you’ve been gone for a while, a lot can happen…

TWKAM Are You Back??

Happy December Fools!


Holiday Jingly Bits 7


It’s another day of bit-jinglin in Life with Kate and Matt world! In this, one of our final dispatches of 2014, we continue our week of nonsense with the one and only Charley Wasson. He shares a recent alteration he’s made to his life plan: instead of having one job that pays 6 figures, Charley says he’d be fine with 5 part-time jobs at $20K/year. Interesting.

Charley also regales us with tales of his past as a Twitter squatter. If you saw anything tweeted about South by Southwest … in 2010, Chaz may have had a piece of that action!

Life with Kate and Matt Jingly Bits

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