Podcast Episode 357


Matt recently was in an altercation. With shrubbery. Scooter offers a helpful hint to the sedentary and Kate wants wine. Shocking.

Life with Kate and Matt

Podcast Episode 356


A tisket, a tasket, what’s in Kate’s basket leads her down the road to iRuin, Scooter’s got jokey obits, and Matt tells a story of a real ASSoL. This one’s more fun than a fluffle or a grumble and it sounds better than a bum trumpet!

Life with Kate and Matt Episode 356

Podcast Episode 355


Kate’s got some info for us on Brozillian waxing, our pal Charley from Texas checks in, and Crazy Uncle Pat ridiculously explains why bad things happen to good people.

Life with Kate and Matt Episode 355

Podcast Episode 354


Tales of Matt’s recent grumpiness (old man yelling at clouds has nothing on this) and Scooter issues a rare apology.

Life with Kate and Matt Episode 354

Podcast Episode 353


Gluten-free Erin is hijacked and brought to LWKAM HQ. Thank goodness we are balanced in the gender department because Kate has a story about tampons in space AND a game show about beer and beavers.

Life with Kate and Matt Episode 353