We are Scott Risner, Kate Burdett and Matt Erhard. Kate & Matt used to spend weekday mornings waking up Central Ohio. Then, Scott joined the picture after Matt found him on some app. We specialize in being ridiculous. The radio show team spent many predawn hours being ridiculous on the air (until they asked us to stop), so now we specialize in being ridiculous during normal human hours.

When we first ventured into the podcast world, we originally called ourselves ‘Life with Kate and Matt’, but our podcast is now called ‘SKAMCast.’ Due to the continued and increased involvement of Scooter in this program, it has become necessary to acknowledge his contribution. SKAM = Scooter, Kate And Matt. (See what we did there?)

We’ll invade your devices and bring ridiculousness to your day you never knew you needed. Thanks for listening to the SKAMCast!