You Been Goin’ Through My Files?


We just can’t stop laughing about Ed Asner pistol whipping Jack Lemmon in JFK.

You Been Goin Through My Files

If you’re already as drunk as Ed Asner plays in this clip you must be doing something right.


In other news, you’ve got to check out tomorrow’s podcast. A silly, old-timey word quiz? Well, that would be just glorious. Also, Facebook’s “People You May Know” feature has been stalking you, and you’ll never believe how they find out all that info about you. Well, maybe you will believe it- who knows. Check out this early listen to tomorrow’s podcast.

Texts with Kate and Matt: What’s for dinner?


It’s always hard to fit in a nice home-cooked meal around the holidays. It’s even harder to coordinate a dinner date between friends. WHAT? You had those yesterday? What are the chances? I guess chicken fingers it is!

TWKAM Whats For Dinner


We hope you have a much more traditional holiday feast than the danglings of forest critters. Take us along on your device as you run to the grocery store to buy one item for the hundredth time. We have all new podcasts all week long for your listening pleasure. Check out Matt’s research into celebrities you didn’t know were 9/11 Truthers and listen as we spin the wheel of rage once again. Kate also has possibly uncovered a conspiracy of her own- people going back to flip phones! Say it isn’t so!!!

What Would Virginia Do? Christmas Style


Well, kids, do you have a Christmas conundrum that is threatening to derail the most wonderful time of the year?? Fear not, LWAKM nation, because Columbus’ drag mother is here to give advice the only way she knows how. The one and only Virginia West will help unravel your holiday hassles whilst driving around town looking for takeout. That’s how she rolls.

What Would Virgina Do

Check out just a tiny bit of what we’re talking about tomorrow in this exclusive tease!

If that’s not enough to bring get you to listen, how about this? Virginia West will give us the recipe for her most famous appetizer, Cuppa, Cuppa, Cuppa. Check out Life with Kate and Matt: The Podcast on a What Would Virginia Do Tuesday!

Ho Ho Ho


You rang? Things are gearing up for the final days of the year and the very intense holiday season. We’ve trimmed our trees, jingled our bells, and definitely nogged our eggs as the countdown to Christmas is nearing single digits. We’ve even used a ridiculous app to Christmas-ify our favorite logo picture.

Ho Ho Ho


We have a full week of new podcast goodness to keep you in stitches as the big day nears. Tomorrow: LeBron has a royal issue, and Matt takes issue with the Grumpy Cat. We also discuss the strange reasons for which people have broken up. Would you throw your guy to the curb for doing this? Here’s a tease of tomorrow’s all new podcast.

Texts with Kate and Matt: The WHAT?


It’s time for another edition of Texts with Kate and Matt! We don’t just criticize people, sometimes we talk about serious news shows too. Of course, we relate those shows to things that are completely inappropriate. That’s what we do. You’re welcome.

TWKAM The Spectrum


Check out this glimpse of tomorrow’s Life with Kate and Matt: The Podcast. We hear a holiday greeting and we hear about Kate’s past experiences shopping on Thanksgiving weekend in New York City. One word: hellmouth. We also get down to the real reason for the season: setting up your parents’ new technology. Serenity now!