SKAMCast Episode 3


Did you ever wonder what kind of pie you would be? It’s all based on your Disney princess preference. We also have breaking beer news, a liquor update, and more bad news for Kate’s online dating chances. If that’s not enough we have a jalopy update, a daily email you can’t live without and a new NSFW weather app. Check out the latest SKAMCast!

SKAMCast Episode 2


Are you upset about the gay character in the new Beauty & the Beast movie? Do you need more pockets in your PJs? Looking for a low-cal ice cream option? Boy howdy! Do Scott, Kate, & Matt have good news for you!

Podcast Episode 378


Matt’s is a bad mood that can only be cured by Angela Lansbury, Kate’s brewing a fat rant about an Ohio rapist, Scooter hands off Heloise-ing duties to special guests and new friends in the podcasting world.

Life with Kate and Matt Episode 378