The Podcast: Episode 13


Oh, Al Roker. What have you done now??? Apparently America’s favorite weatherman has gotten himself into some hot water with the big bosses. We offer him some alternative career ideas in case things don’t work out at 30 Rock. Perhaps Big Al could be a People Pusher or a Smell Creator next!

Life with Kate and Matt: The Podcast

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Ready for Cyber Monday?


We hope you had a massively successful weekend and all your shopping is done! What? You couldn’t get that doorbuster TV you waited in line for all week? They were out of the tubs of popcorn too? You have nothing purchased for Christmas? Well, you’re in trouble because Cyber Monday isn’t what it used to be…

Are You Ready for Cyber Monday

Isn’t that nice, you can get someone a gorgeous sign for their first year together, a nice dinner out, or a gun.
Happy Holidays!

Another all-new Life with Kate and Matt: The Podcast comes your way in the morning. Al Roker is in trouble and we start taking weather people. Remember when we had that blizzard in Columbus in 2008? Yeah, Matt and Kate were part of the problem that year.

Have a stellar Sunday evening!