SKAMCast Episode 49


Mermen, space cowboys, and anal worms.

SKAMCast Episode 19


Could you live on nothing but air? What happens when Matt & Scooter’s wild hounds catch their prey? And Kate’s looking up really crazy shit on the inter webs.

Podcast Episode 356


A tisket, a tasket, what’s in Kate’s basket leads her down the road to iRuin, Scooter’s got jokey obits, and Matt tells a story of a real ASSoL. This one’s more fun than a fluffle or a grumble and it sounds better than a bum trumpet!

Life with Kate and Matt Episode 356

Podcast Episode 352


Some weisenheimer was busted impersonating the Parma, OH police on social media but did anyone actually believe what he was posting? Also, Matt took a gaycation and watched Gaycation.

Life with Kate and Matt Episode 352