SKAMCast Episode 82


Presents, pretzel pizza, and Pyramid

SKAMCast Episode 32


Scooter warns why you shouldn’t eat donuts in the car, Kate critiques another woman’s make-up, and Matt has a shocking observation about a wedding.

#TBT Who’s that lady?


Who’s that pretty girl in the middle there? Why that’s our very own Matt in a Virginia West production of yesteryear. Flanked by Kate (L) and our good pal Lucinda (R), Matt is bringing some kind of realness. In fact, just what kind of realness is that? We’ll happily accept your suggestions. #TBT


What Would Virginia Do?


We’ve got quite a show in store for you tomorrow morning! Trivia from The Love Boat? Yes ma’am, we have that. Robot bartenders? We’ve got that too. The drag mother of the Short North? She’s our secret weapon! Join us as we welcome Virginia West on the debut of her segment “What Would Virginia Do?” If you’ve got a holiday dilemma, we have just the drag queen to solve it. How do you feed a hangry group of frenemies? How do you present your boyfriend to grandma on turkey day? Virginia has the answers tomorrow morning on Life with Kate and Matt: The Podcast. Don’t miss it!

What Would Virgina Do