SKAMCast Episode 85


Matt and Scooter had a cultural outing. Kate couldn’t be bothered.

The Podcast: Episode 85


We’re starting the week with Kate in a full snit. It may be feminist in nature or just dumba$s-centric.  While the snit’s origin may be unclear, you’ll want to make sure you listen for Matt’s perfect explanation of what is wrong with the world in just one sentence. And listen closely the first time because he’ll be darned if he can repeat it.

Life with Kate and Matt

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Columbus Sings Happy Holidays


Why do we have these looks on our faces?

Watch this mashup of Columbus luminaries singing acapella and you’ll be mashing up your face in disbelief.

We promise there’s no singing on tomorrow’s podcast. Well, I’m pretty sure there isn’t any singing but you can never be sure since a song is never too far away from Kate Burdett. We remember things we forgot happened in 2014, including the before and after Lena Dunham Vogue photos. Remember that scandal? Do you remember who Lena Dunham is dating? We don’t.