SKAMCast Episode 42


Matt and Scooter recently encountered some interesting customer service and Kate gets a bunch of gifts.

SKAMCast Episode 19


Could you live on nothing but air? What happens when Matt & Scooter’s wild hounds catch their prey? And Kate’s looking up really crazy shit on the inter webs.

Podcast Episode 355


Kate’s got some info for us on Brozillian waxing, our pal Charley from Texas checks in, and Crazy Uncle Pat ridiculously explains why bad things happen to good people.

Life with Kate and Matt Episode 355

Holiday Jingly Bits 4


Well, Merry Christmas, bitches!

Hope you and yours are merry, bright, and all of that crap. If you aren’t then we hope that you have good hooch.

Today’s JB deals with farts. Because nothing says Christmas like flatulence..

Life with Kate and Matt Jingly Bits

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