SKAMCast Episode 77


Scooter is *still* away. Mario Kart, Reply All, and pill bottles with our friend Ryan who also used to be on the radio.

SKAMCast Episode 66


What’s going on with Kate’s butt and where are Matt & Scooter taking their fun gayness yet?

Podcast Episode 369


Need a jar opened? Kate has the large, strong hands to help with that. Need some fun & games? Scooter’s got ya covered. Need a Squirtle? Matt has Pokémon Go news. But you should also get a life.

Life with Kate and Matt Episode 369

Podcast Episode 364


SO far, life in the ‘burbs isn’t going so great for poor Matt: he doesn’t have AC, he has poison ivy, and now he’s hearing a weird echo. Good thing Mama Sherry is on the mend and check in to update us on her cicada situation!

Life with Kate and Matt Episode 364

Podcast Episode 350


Kate had an exhilarating adventure in the suburbs and Matt is fitting his bitch (and being a bitch).

Life with Kate and Matt Episode 350