SKAMCast Episode 26


Members of our podcast cast have been out and about: Kate visited the worst restaurant in the midwest while Matt & Scooter are having issues with bugs!

SKAMCast Episode 5


Get comfy friends because it’s time to discuss the Gay Panic Defense, celebrity canine kidnapping, and a bombshell new couple alert. As her royal sarcastic highness Tina Fey once said, “Buy a hat and hold the eff on.”

SKAMCast Episode 2


Are you upset about the gay character in the new Beauty & the Beast movie? Do you need more pockets in your PJs? Looking for a low-cal ice cream option? Boy howdy! Do Scott, Kate, & Matt have good news for you!

Podcast Episode 338


It may be the holiest of drinking days but we’re all business. Scott joins the fun for a game show and we discover why a bottle of booze is called a fifth. How did we not know this already?

Life with Kate and Matt Episode 338

The Podcast: Episode 3


Well, we’re over the hump and sailing towards the weekend. The cold weather cometh and winter will be in full swing before you know it. Today we discuss one of winter’s most anticipated films: 50 Shades of Grey. Kate has a vocabulary lesson, We adorn Michael Strahan with a new nickname and then you’ll never believe the purchase that Kate wants to make. Enjoy our ridiculousness in Life with Kate and Matt: The Podcast.

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