SKAMCast Episode 69


Next stop on the wedding tour, celeb baby name game, and stealth drinking.

Podcast Episode 362


Jill sits in for Scooter and brings a fun question: What are your favorite songs? Learn about the musical influences on our ridiculousness.

Life with Kate and Matt Episode 362

From the Totally True Tweets File



The Podcast: Episode 20


It’s end of year wrap-up time here at the ol’ podcast! We’ve got a long list of things that you probably already forgot happened in 2014. This leads Matt to reveal his rampant skepticism. In the World According to Matt: Jay-Z and Bey’s sis never brawled in an elevator, a cat never saved a toddler from a vicious dog, and don’t even get him started on that sham of a moon landing! Instead, ask him about Grumpy Cat’s movie. Because Matt Erhard is always ready to tell you what else is awful. And we offer some cookie-selling tips to girl scouts.

Life with Kate and Matt: The Podcast

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