SKAMCast Episode 58


Why is Kate’s hair pink? Why aren’t Matt & Scott fun any more? We answer these and other burning questions.

SKAMCast Episode 53


Scooter and Matt tried a crazy fast. So, there’s that.

SKAMCast Episode 32


Scooter warns why you shouldn’t eat donuts in the car, Kate critiques another woman’s make-up, and Matt has a shocking observation about a wedding.

SKAMCast Episode 17


We’re back after brief summer hiatus! Scooter and Matt have tales of terrible customer service in Michigan and Kate had an adventure in the Pacific Northwest.

Podcast Episode 382


So, Matt is dieting again and no one is safe. Also, Kate and Scooter are overdue for acupuncture and cupping treatments. We’re basically a mess.

Life with Kate and Matt Episode 382