Podcast Episode 353


Gluten-free Erin is hijacked and brought to LWKAM HQ. Thank goodness we are balanced in the gender department because Kate has a story about tampons in space AND a game show about beer and beavers.

Life with Kate and Matt Episode 353

Podcast Episode 349


If Weight Watchers was founded on April Fools’ Day, does that mean they aren’t serious about weight loss?

Life with Kate and Matt Episode 349

Podcast Episode 348


Scooter joins us for some TV conspiracy theories and a fun game show. Find out which one involves a bloodthirsty children’s character!

Life with Kate and Matt Episode 348

Podcast Episode 344


Ever wonder how many degrees of separation there are between us and famous people? We’ll tell you.

Spoiler alert: it’s a few.

Life with Kate and Matt

Podcast Episode 343


Has Scooter even dumpster-dived? Why would you open a door covered with bees? And how would Kate and Just Jill make whoopee? These questions are all asked on today’s show. Very few get answered, but they are all asked.

Life with Kate and Matt Episode 343