SKAMCast Episode 20


Where’s the most unusual place you’ve ever pooped? Scooter can beat it. Matt explains why a good snack table and board game are the keys to vacation perfection, and Kate found a product that will make America cuddly again.

SKAMCast Episode 8


Spring is in the air and creeping crud is all over Matt & Scooter. Actually, it’s poison ivy and they are miserable. Scott Baio is miserable too- but that’s because of the poison spewing forth from his face hole. Also, it’s time for dick talk. And tick talk. This one is chock-full, ladies and gents!


SKAMCast Episode 7


Matt thinks maybe he & Scooter should have had a prenup, we have toilet brush tips, and Kate has a rant about the postal service. It’s a SKAMcast, bitches!

SKAMCast Episode 4


There’s a pecker problem and Kate has some mind-blowing info to share about a historical event.

Podcast Episode 364


SO far, life in the ‘burbs isn’t going so great for poor Matt: he doesn’t have AC, he has poison ivy, and now he’s hearing a weird echo. Good thing Mama Sherry is on the mend and check in to update us on her cicada situation!

Life with Kate and Matt Episode 364