Podcast Episode 368


What happens when Kate is turned loose on a hotel lobby bar with ice balls and Matt and Scooter spend a week in the woods in Michigan? Let’s just say it’s not every day some guy throws his balls in Kate’s direction.

Life with Kate and Matt Episode 368

Podcast Episode 355


Kate’s got some info for us on Brozillian waxing, our pal Charley from Texas checks in, and Crazy Uncle Pat ridiculously explains why bad things happen to good people.

Life with Kate and Matt Episode 355

Podcast Episode 307


Good news: Facebook and Oprah are making money hand over fist.

Must be nice.

Life with Kate and Matt Episode 307

Life with Kate and Matt Episode 307

Friday Morning Podcast Extra 3


Well, you survived another Thanksgiving and hopefully didn’t resort to fisticuffs as you spent the wee hours of this morning trying to score the latest version of talking Elmo who dances and wants to be tickled.

Time to take a break with a Life with Kate & Matt Podcast Extra during which we might just have stumbled upon million-dollar idea for oldster mobility.

Life with Kate and Matt: Podcast Extra

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