Podcast Episode 354


Tales of Matt’s recent grumpiness (old man yelling at clouds has nothing on this) and Scooter issues a rare apology.

Life with Kate and Matt Episode 354

Holiday Jingly Bits 6


#mostembarrassingtext You know you have one. You sent a screenshot of it to your BFF. Or, if you’re Kate Burdett, you posted that screenshot to Instagram. Today Mr. Stinkoff himself (Charley Wasson) joins us (but not on the blower) to delve into the bowels of his OS.

We really didn’t try to make that sound dirty. But now we’re glad we did.

Life with Kate and Matt Jingly Bits

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Texts with Kate and Matt: The WHAT?


It’s time for another edition of Texts with Kate and Matt! We don’t just criticize people, sometimes we talk about serious news shows too. Of course, we relate those shows to things that are completely inappropriate. That’s what we do. You’re welcome.

TWKAM The Spectrum


Check out this glimpse of tomorrow’s Life with Kate and Matt: The Podcast. We hear a holiday greeting and we hear about Kate’s past experiences shopping on Thanksgiving weekend in New York City. One word: hellmouth. We also get down to the real reason for the season: setting up your parents’ new technology. Serenity now!



Texts with Kate and Matt: This Show Is Amazing


It’s a Texts with Kate and Matt Tuesday. Here’s what happens when we watch TV together… separately… over text message.

TWKAM This Show is Amazing


The old bag survived the TV show, which was fortunate for her and very unfortunate for those of us wanting a car. Tomorrow on The Podcast we talk about terrible PR disasters, along with our terrible techie mistakes. Here’s a snippet of our next show, where you’ll find out Kate’s childhood dream job. Was it court stenographer? Encyclopedia salesperson? Doorman… doorwoman.. door-person?? Listen in and find out.

Texts with Kate and Matt: Problem Child Style


It’s a Texts with Kate and Matt Tuesday…

TWKAM Can't Stop Pooping


We hope our regular posts keep you regular. Here’s a sneak peek at tomorrow morning’s Podcast. We’re looking forward to Black Friday shopping. Kate Burdett has some suggestions on being a defensive shopper, check out how she shuts down this guy giving her the hard sell. The entire show will be available in your device early tomorrow morning. Happy Thanksgiving Eve Eve!