SKAMCast Episode 7


Matt thinks maybe he & Scooter should have had a prenup, we have toilet brush tips, and Kate has a rant about the postal service. It’s a SKAMcast, bitches!

SKAMCast Episode 6


Full disclosure: this episode was recorded before the blessed giraffe event occurred.

But we have a new theme song!

SKAMCast Episode 4


There’s a pecker problem and Kate has some mind-blowing info to share about a historical event.

SKAMCast Episode 2


Are you upset about the gay character in the new Beauty & the Beast movie? Do you need more pockets in your PJs? Looking for a low-cal ice cream option? Boy howdy! Do Scott, Kate, & Matt have good news for you!

Podcast Episode 357


Matt recently was in an altercation. With shrubbery. Scooter offers a helpful hint to the sedentary and Kate wants wine. Shocking.

Life with Kate and Matt