The Podcast: Episode 118


Welcome to Throwback Thursday on Life with Kate & Matt! How about this for a TB: Matt has some sounds of creepy old dolls, a castrato, a some noises from deep space that just may get Matt on board Kate’s “Why the hell does anyone want to leave Earth?!” train.

Life with Kate and Matt

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#TBT Who’s that lady?


Who’s that pretty girl in the middle there? Why that’s our very own Matt in a Virginia West production of yesteryear. Flanked by Kate (L) and our good pal Lucinda (R), Matt is bringing some kind of realness. In fact, just what kind of realness is that? We’ll happily accept your suggestions. #TBT


Throwback Thursday: KtB’s Christmas Special


Remember when Kate hosted her Martha Stewart style TV show? I think it was a straight to public access type of thing. I don’t remember Kate looking that much like a reanimated Marie Osmond. Creepy!

TBT- KtB's Christmas Special

Throwback Thursday: Cactus Impersonator


Remember that time that Matt was a cactus impersonator? It was really a terrible job experience. The spines alone made him walk funny for years. If only he were taller and thinner he would have been a better cactus. Don’t we all want to be more cactus-like?

Cactus Impersonator

Throwback Thursday: Matt and Kate entertain the kiddies


Today we hearken back to the time we attempted to be children’s entertainers.

Too bad we quit our day jobs.


“Hey kids, meet our friends Dirty Sanchez and Hot Carl!”