SKAMCast Episode 29


Kate shares why the fellas may want to reconsider some of their landscaping, Matt is being informed again about impending deliveries, and Scooter considers discounted body art.

SKAMCast Episode 28


Luckily Matt & Scooter were able to squeeze in some podcastin’ between their charity walking, tree picking-up, vanity selection, and other scheduled events.

SKAMCast Episode 18


Why you should never make eye contact on a plane, where SKaM may travel next, and when it’s ok and not ok to call for help.

Podcast Episode 351


Matt is raging and can’t believe he only goes to restaurants on people’s cheat days. Kate is reading up on sex dreams.

Life with Kate and Matt Episode 351

The Podcast: Episode 84


More insight into the dynamics of Matt & Scooter’s home life on today’s episode. Care to guess which one of them is the effective complainer of the duo? After our complaintfest, we move on to Heloise this bitch and are treated to what is possibly the most asinine hint we’ve ever heard! Plus a bonus tip from a highfalutin’ Alabaman.

Life with Kate and Matt

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